The Bourbon Barrel Project

**Update:  The Barrels will be out until Mid-November. More info can be found at

After huge success of Horse Mania 2000 and 2010, LexArts has out done themselves again! Partnering with AllTech’s Lexington Brewing and Distillery to produce “The Bourbon Barrel Project.” Local artists and sponsor’s partnered together to highlight Lexington’s (and Kentucky’s) bourbon history. Through this project they are both striving to continue to bring life into downtown Lexington and support local art and artists though these amazing works of art. Who would have thought a bourbon barrel could be so beautiful?

The Public Preview is taking place Sept 14-15th in the Mason Structure at 845 Angliana Ave. The Bourbon Barrel Project will roll out on Vine Street, in Downtown Lexington, Monday, September 16th  and will run through mid-October. Thank you to each artist for all your hard work and creativity. Each one of these barrels is absolutely beautiful!

I would love to be able to showcase each barrel, but there simply is not enough time or room on the blog. I will however, give you a sneak peak at a few of my personal favs.

Giddy-Up. A barrel of a horse…horse in a barrel…he’s adorable whatever he shall be called.



Of course we will!


Oh Starry Night…how I love thee.


SDSC_0073 on Fire (Lexington is on fire with these great events!)


Barrel of Monkeys…genius!





How this Fish was even made is beyond me!



3D Barrel…Mind Blown!



I’m going to need a moment alone with this fella…


Giddy-Up is one happy pony!


Did you make it out to see the Bourbon Barrel Project? If so, do share in the comments what your favorite barrel was!!


3 thoughts on “The Bourbon Barrel Project

  1. Thank you, Mindy, for this wonderful post about The Bourbon Barrel Project on Town Branch! I love your favorites, too, but that list didn’t include my personal favorite (and I’m not going to give it away!). And just to clarify, we’ll be on the streets of downtown Lexington until mid-November…more time to take in Lexington’s newest public art project! More information is available at Best regards, Maury Sparrow, Communications, LexArts

    • I loved each and every barrel! I could have filled up 10 blog pages with all of them…but then there would be no enticement to get out and go see them :)…Now I want to know which was your fave?!?!? So glad this is going to run longer. Downtown has so much life with these barrels lining the streets!

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