Food Chain

Sometimes I am truley blown away when I find out about something new happening here in Lexington.

I shake my head and say… “how could I not know about this?!”

I vaguely remember the Bread Box concept (for those of you who saying…“Huh?!”…It’s the old Rainbow Bread building where West Sixth is located) when it was announced back in 2011…but who knew it would be this awesome? and in Lexington?!?! I’m so proud!

breadboxOriginal Breadbox Concept from 2011…courtesy of The Bread Box.

So what has me so baffled? Two simple words…Food Chain.

Food Chain is an indoor food production that is taking place in Lexington’s Bread Box , directly behind Smithtown Seafood. Fish and greens are being locally grown behind FoodChains doors through Aquaponics (see here for a cool video explanation of that). Every Saturday they offer tours at 1 PM. I am extremely intriuged and might be making my way down there to see the facility on my next open Saturday!

The whole reason I stumbled upon FoodChain was because I was ogling over the fresh fish on Smithtown’s Facebook page. Lexington is in dire need of good, fresh seafood options!

Smithtown’s is now on my Lexington restaurant hit list…if you’ve been…please share!


2 thoughts on “Food Chain

    • You wanna hear something funny…I lived next to Charlies (off Liberty with my parents for 10 years and I have never once been there). I guess I need to add it to my list!

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