Limestone Blue


Finally…I made it to Limestone Blue. This little place on North Limestone (just past The Jax) has been on my hit list since I saw construction going on inside (mostly because I loved when it was Giacomo’s.) Check the chalk board everyday to find out the Sandwich of the day and a Mac and Cheese of the day (today was loaded Potato).


Limestone Blue now has Beer and Wine (on tap)! Andrew is super, duper excited about that!


Verdict on the Mac and Cheese…Delicious!

I was not crazy about the potatoes (I think small cubes of potatoes would be better…like an Au Gratin) but the shells and cheese was the bomb dot com.


We all sampled different sandwiches. I got the Beer Cheese and Chicken (so, so, so good!)


The Hot Brown (a Kentucky Staple).


The Giacomo (how appropriate considering the location…).


The Hot Momma (buffalo chicken and blue cheese coleslaw)


Love the exposed glazed brick! And those blue chairs…I need them!


Say “Cheese“.


Chalk Board full of sandwich offerings ($8 for a sandwich and a side).


Unicorn Walrus…? The walls here are full of interesting pieces!


Limestone Blue would be a great place for lunch (if you work downtown) and a cool vibe to catch an inexpensive dinner or to just have a beer with friends! We will be back!

Have you been to Limestone Blue yet? Can’t wait for Friday to sample the Grippo’s Mac and Cheese!


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