Smithtown Seafood

Tucked away in the BreadBox, Smithtown Seafood is bringing fresh life to the Sixth Street area. Literally. At Smithtown you will find fresh catfish, royal red shrimp, FoodChain harvested tilapia, fresh oysters, 100% Kentucky beef burgers, Marksbury Farm hot dogs and so many other amazing things.


Smithtown Seafood is spot on with it’s no fuss vibe (Lexington has enough fussiness). Enter from Sixth Street or cut through West Sixth Brewery’s Beer Garden and enter through the garage door. I highly suggest stopping at the menu on the window outside to determine what you want…there was a line the entire time we were there (where the food is good…there is a line!) The only other menu I saw was the one tapped to the ordering counter.


If you get fresh fish, you get a choice of how it’s cooked: Rolled and Fried, Battered and Dipped (made with West Sixth Amber) or Griddle Seared.

After you order, head on over to the West Sixth Beer Garden and grab a table…and a beer…or two. A cheerful Smithtown server will by by shortly to drop off your fresh catch!


I went with the catfish basket, rolled and fried. The beer batter version was a little fluffier of a breading and also quite tasty! I have such good friends to let me sample their dinner so I can tell YOU about it! You will also have a choice of dipping sauces…I stuck with my favorite…a good ol’ fashion tarter sauce.


Don’t even get me started on the hush-puppies…I’m still regretting giving away my second one.


My fish also came with chips (fries) and creamy slaw. The slaw was fresh and crisp and the chips were hot and tasty.


My other friend opted for the fried shrimp sandwich which was paired with a sauce and chips (Grippos…Plain…meh). This is my one and only complaint…if you are going to offer Grippo’s…they have to be BBQ.

I however have a weekness for fries… so I these plain Grippo’s will never be an issue for me.


If you are a dessert person…you can get cups of Crank & Boom Ice Cream or pick up some bakery items made by the Midway School Bakery (brownies, lemon bars, etc.) or get both!

I am looking forward to my next trip back to Smithtown Seafood! There are so many other things on the menu I want to try (nachos, fish tacos, crab cake sandwich, the list goes on and on).


Love this original Rainbow bench!


If you have not made it to Smithtown Seafood, I highly recommend checking it out! FYI…Tuesday’s and Wednesday nights at West Sixth Brewery are really, really busy due to the running club and yoga. If you don’t like crowds, I would avoid these days. Feel free to park on the street or in the West Sixth parking lot behind the Brewery.

Enjoy and share your thoughts with me on Smithtown Seafood!


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