West Sixth Brewery Tour

Every Saturday, West Sixth offer’s a free tour of their Brewery at 2 PM (immediately following the Food Chair Tour at 1PM). West Sixth, located in the old Rainbow Bread Factory and is the first part of the Bread Box concept. Started by four men, who at the time did not know one another but they all had the same vision of a local craft brewery for Lexington (which at the time had none…now we have a handful!).

I have a special place in my heart for West Sixth as it was suppose to be home to  Vineyard Community Church (before it was ever thought of as a brewery). After those plans fell through, I was happy to see this historic building be put to good use. Not only is West Sixth known for it’s beer but also for it’s community out reach. On Tuesday nights, you will find the Beer Garden full of runners (and smelling a bit like sweat) as the West Sixth Running Club meets at 6 PM. On Wednesday nights at 6 PM, you will find a Beer Garden full of Lululemon, yoga mats, and Yogi’s in downward dog (completely free yoga…and always packed!).

Now on to the tour.

The first top on the tour is to see where the flavoring is crafted. Mostly the Amber Ale and IPA are produced as they are in high demand, but as you will notice throughout the year a few additional flavors will appear on the West Sixth Menu. This first part of the tour is where those flavors are melted down into a liquid to mix in with the other beer components. (I don’t speak “beer” very well…should have taken notes what all these different parts of the process are). The crafting process is very similar to what I saw on the bourbon tours.


At first I thought this bubbling mess was gross, then I learned it was the CO2 coming out of the beer and into a bucket of water…now I find it cool.



Our awesome tour guide and a bartender at West Sixth.

_DSC0490Melissa tossing back an Amber Ale sample (we got to sample three of the West Sixth beers: Amber, IPA and Wheat).


Of course I love the tiny little tester glasses (also used in the flights).


Somewhere, a thirsty beer connoisseur is crying over the few sips left in these glasses.


Did you know the six packs are put together by volunteers? No? Me either! For a two hour shift, attaching 6-pack toppers, you will be compensated with two six packs of West Sixth beer. Sounds like a sweet deal!


The canning process…Expected something larger? Me too. Who would have thought all the West Sixth cans you see around town comes out of this tiny little machine?




Cans without tops look so strange…


After the tour (about 30-45 minutes)…you can head on over to the Beer Garden, sit back and enjoy your favorite West Sixth beer. Feel free to grab a bit to eat at Smithtown Seafood if you didn’t have lunch. Don’t worry…they’ll deliver it to you in the beer garden.


My pick of the samples, The Amber Ale.



If you are a West Sixth Fan or if you have yet to visit but love craft beer…I highly recommend taking the tour. Again, it’s free and starts at 2 PM every Saturday. Just meet in the garage door room (where the picnic-esqe tables are).


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