Each year, on or around Halloween, the Mecca Dance Theatre presents, “Thriller” down Main Street (in Lexington). For years I have heard about it, contemplated going…but never have. Man was I missing out! 

For the past 13 years, Thriller has been dancing the streets of Lexington. What started as a small group of dancers in front of the Kentucky Theatre has grown to 1500+ dancers, multiple Michael Jackson’s, over 20 thousand spectators, and the performance runs from The Kentucky Theatre, down Main Street, to the Cheapside Pavilion. (see the original from 2002 here)

We made the mistake of getting dinner and walking straight over at 8:15 PM…which left no time to find a good spot on the street. Apparently people come down and camp out early. Who knew…We saw a few empty spots in one of the parking garages and sprinted up five flights of stairs to get a better view of Main Street.


Gotta get the perfect iPhone shot!


_DSC0621It makes my heart melt to see all these people out in downtown Lexington!


Here come the Zombies!







_DSC0663The parking garage turned out to be have an amazing view of Main Street, Michael J and the Zombies. Word to the wise for next year, go downtown early. There is a Halloween parade that runs before hand. After the Thriller Dance/Parade there are lots of fun Halloween parties at the bars around Main Street! If you have never been, I highly suggest checking it out!

Kentucky (dot) com covers Thriller up close and personal here.


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