Absolutely loving my Y’ALL (not to be confused with Yale) sweatshirt from Kentucky for Kentucky.

If you haven’t seen the Kentucky Kicks Ass collection…go there (here) now and check it out.


Available here. Sizing Chart here.


I am wearing a size small. The material is so soft, cozy, and the fit is true to size for a men’s sweatshirt. I washed it in warm water, cool rinse and dried on medium heat and it still fits amazing. If I could have a blanket in this sweatshirt material…my life would be complete!

It maybe a smidge on the small side for a guy (think more fitted hipster fit for a guy) so if you want it to fit like a real sweatshirt, then guys should go up a size. Usually a small guys sweatshirt is still large on me, but this one is perfection! I’d only love it more if it came in a women’s fitted sweatshirt (which Alternate Apparel sells in basic colors.)


2 thoughts on “Hi Y’ALL

  1. Thank you for posting about the fit! I’m just now ordering (yes, a year after your post), but sizing guide on Alt. Apparel’s site no longer works and KFK doesn’t have one 🙂

  2. Way late to the game here – but I’m typically a size 8 women’s and want mine to fit a little loose but still fitted like yours. Would you suggest a Small or Medium based on your experience?

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