Murals of Lexington

One of the things I love about Lexington are the beautiful murals that cover the sides of a handful of our buildings.  Many of these murals have come about during art festivals and fairs. The most recent of these murals came about during this years third annual PRHBTN. The one most everyone is talking about, the Eduardo Kobra mural of Abraham Lincoln that covers the back of the Kentucky Theatre. The largest mural in Lexington was incredible to watch go up (you can see it here on YouTube).



To give you an idea of how large this mural is…that tiny person at the bottom of Abe’s foot is my husband!



Three other murals went up at the same time as the Abe project. One of them overs the BreadBox, where the West Sixth Brewery is located. This horse mural is by Gaia. Check out his facebook page here.



One of my absolute favorite murals is “Lilly and the Silly Monkey’s” that now covers the side of the new bar, Belle’s, located off of Short Street. This mural, and the sister mural located on Sixth Street and Limestone across from North Lime Coffee and Donuts, is part of the giant story book project. These murals were painted by Herakut, a german street art duo in the Fall of 2012. You can follow and see other murals by this team on facebook here. Other story book project murals can also be found in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and Berlin.





Other older murals have covered the buildings of Lexington for years and are just as beautiful as these new pieces.




This is only a handful of these amazing works of art around Lexington. Finding all the murals is a great way to get out and explore Lexington on a cold winter afternoon. You can jump out of the car, snap a photo, and jump back into the car to warm up. I made sure to stop at A Cup of Commonwealth after snapping my photos on my mural tour. The pumpkin spice latte was delicious and warmed me right up!


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