County Club

I have to be honest…County Club was not love at first sight for me…there was major confusion to my pallet when I expected a more traditional style barbecue (the slathered in bbq sauce with some gooey mac and cheese and a side of corn bread kind of bbq). Had it been described as more of a “smoke house” with a take on barbecue…I would have had a different expectation and probably a different first reaction.

Husband however fell head over heels for County Club and kept raving to me about their brisket (this boy loves his brisket!). I… still puzzled over this obsession…decided to trust his judgement (he has pretty good taste…he did pick me) and give it a second try. This time I ordered based on his recommendation (as he has sampled 75% of the menu over the course of his lunch visits) and I ordered the Poutine (everytime I say this word the child in my giggles.)

Some of you will say…what the heck is poutine?!

Poutine: A common Canadian dish, made with french fries, topped with a brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds (thank you Wikipedia)…sounds like the perfect American dish to me!

Poutine County Club style is exactly that and topped with their smoked brisket (or you can get it plain)…and oh my…it’s amazing! Now I get it and I love, love, love going to County Club. Not to mention the inside of the restaurant exactly as I would want my New York City apartment kitchen to look (can I please just get a reclaimed wood table and metal chairs??) but the poutine is so worth everytrip down to Jefferson Street.

Trust me on this. Fries Good. Gravy Good. Cheese Curds Good. Brisket Good.


Local beers available…and now wine!


What’s on special? Look here.


Meat and Cheese Plate.


Thanksgiving Poutine (a holiday special with turkey, cranberries, gravy, cheese curds, on top of sweet potato fries).20131203-202219.jpg

Pulled Pork Sandwich.


Community style table, great for gathering friends on a cold Saturday night.


Grilled Cheese Special.


County Club Poutine (look how awesome it looks!). Ps…the mustard sauce is awesome with the poutine!


Visit County Clubs website here.

Facebook page here.

Instagram here.

County Club can be found on Jefferson Street, a hop, skip and a jump away from the West Sixth Brewery. The restaurant is open Tuesday-Friday 4-10 (winter hours) and Saturday and Sunday 11-10 (with brunch options!).

I have heard the brunch poutine (with two eggs) is pretty amazing (husband has had it.) I’m always looking for restaurants to add to my brunch list…because who doesn‘t love to brunch and mimosas??

Have you been to County Club? What were your thoughts? Fav dishes?

Share on facebook or in the comments below. I’d love to know if you had the reaction that I first had or if you were like my husband and loved County Club instantly?


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