Mix on Vine & Aerial Yoga

I have driven past Mix on Vine at least 20 times and had no clue what it was. The building used to be the old Kentucky Visitor Center {ahhh…you are nodding…you know exactly what building I’m talking about now}.

Late last fall, I was looking for a place to try aerial yoga and nothing existed here in Lexington. I had given up hope and assumed I’d have to try it out sometime when I was traveling in a bigger city. Then I got a text from my friend, asking me to attend an Aerial Yoga class with her…and it was at Mix on Vine.

How could I not know about this?? I immediately grabbed my laptop and googled “Mix on Vine,” and called immediately to reserve spots to attend the next day’s aerial yoga class.

So what exactly is Mix on Vine?

Mix on Vine describes themselves on their website as a contemporary space where art, fashion, fitness, and beauty all come together. You can attend a yoga class, TRX class, or aeral yoga class. You can get pampered at the salon or stop in for a quick blowout. You can get a group together for a meeting. You can just come relax and enjoy a cup off coffee from their treat bar. It’s up to you how you decide you want to “mix” it.

I obviously chose aerial yoga. The cost of the class is $18 and it is offered multiple times during the week (see here for more pricing options and schedules). Aerial yoga (or sometimes called antigravity yoga) is the latest trend in fitness, that combines traditional yoga and physical training of an aerialist through the use of silk hammocks. Please do not be intimidated, it is a lot easier then I expected. Our teacher that evening was wonderful. She would come around and assist you on some of the harder moves (like getting upside down without falling out of your hammock).  I am the only one of my group of friends that attended class that night that does yoga regularly and strength training and all of us were able to complete all the moves.

I was only able to get a few shots at the end of class (obviously I was upside down and flying through the air). Those of us who wanted to learn to “flip” were invited to stick around to learn…so course I stayed!

I highly recommend the aerial yoga class and Mix on Vine! I hope to be back soon for another aerial yoga class.


To see the actual flip happen (it’s super graceful…) check it out on instagram here.


Visit the cafe for a treat:


Get pampered in the salon:


My advice before attending a class:

1.Wear fitted clothing so you can move through your hammocks easier.

2.You do not need to bring a yoga mat, Mix has them available for you.

3. There is a parking lot on the corner of Vine and Rose.

4.Do not take a lot of stuff with you inside Mix on Vine for the fitness classes there are some cubes outside the room, but not lots of room inside for extra “stuff”

5. Be sure to call to make a reservation because our class was completely full. I’d hate for you to get there and not have a spot.

You can check out more on Mix on Vine on their website (here).

They are also on Facebook, Instagram, and  Twitter.

I’d love to know if you’ve been to Mix on Vine? Have you tried Aerial Yoga? Did you love it like I did?


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