El Habanero Loko

El Habanero Loko is my new little obsession in Mexican restaurants. What first started as a food truck, now can be found in the corner building of North Limestone and Vine Street (occupying what used to be J Bistro’s). There is not direct street parking in front of it, so as you venture down Main, Vine, Upper or North Limestone grab a street spot and walk on over for an authentic Mexican dinner.

If you are lucky enough to work close by, I’ve heard the lunch buffet is “where it’s at!” Unfortunately, I work too far away to frequent here during the lunch hours, so please go and check it out and think of me as you do so. I do try to make it a regular in my rotation of downtown restaurants. El Habanero Loko is currently working on their beer license, so know in advance they may and may not have it when you visit. Unfortunately these tiny little local restaurants have difficulties due to their size in getting beer and alcohol licences. But trust me, the food alone is worth visiting for…you can get a cocktail else where afterwards.

The menu is simple featuring tacos, quesadillas, gorditas, empanadas, and…my favorite…cow cheek (I kid, I kid…I’m not bold enough to try that!) Everything here is fresh, delicious and made in house. The fresh salsa is by far my favorite in town. It has the perfect touch of heat and if you are feeling bold ask for the jalapeño salsa (hot! hot! hot!) My pork quesadillla tonight was so juicy, I had sauce from the marinage running down my hands (literally finger licking good)….and I had to fight for it as my husband kept trying to steal bites.

Another plus, El Habanero is open until 4 am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday so if you need a late night treat skip Taco Bell and come here! The food truck is also out and about on the weekends, usually in the parking lot of your favorite dive bar.








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