We are U-K!

Lexington is known as Wildcat country, home to the University of Kentucky basketball team, where the UK fans are die-hard and bleed blue!

I think everyone can agree that this years basketball season has not be one of our best but it’s too be expected with a new freshman team. With that being said…I ate my words last night when I said I didn’t think we would win {gasp! I’m horrible…but I’m a realist}. The great thing about UK fans, it doesn’t matter if we are playing our best or our worst, we are going to be out in full Big Blue Nation (#BBN) style to support our Cats!

Last night we headed into the Sweet 16 to play our homeland rival, Louisville Kentucky Cardinals. My sister, her boyfriend and I decided to hit up a few local spot to grab a quick bite and then head off to watch the game and show our support.

Starting out the night at Limestone Blue (I mean the word blue is in there name…we had to eat here!)


He never saw it coming…{straw smacks him in the face}.


Seriously, there is nothing on the Limestone Blue menu that isn’t amazing! I mean look how awesome it looks just in chalk!


The MoJo Beer Cheese sandwich with Grippo’s Mac-n-Cheese.


Get on in there and take a bite…The Grippo’s Mac-n-Cheese is the Friday special and my personal favorite.


My favorite menu item, the Limestone Blue pizza…seen here in just good ol’ cheese and pepperoni.


We scarfed down our dinner, closed out our tabs, and headed off toward campus to meet up with more friends and watch the game at Two Keys.


We are all so nervous as the game begins! Go Cats!


There really is nothing better than watching the game with friends and hundreds of other UK fans. andrew



It’s a sea of blue and white all across Two Keys Tavern. Too many moments of this game involved holding your breath!holdyourbreath

On the edge of our seats. Would we win, would we lose?ChaseUK

An incredible come back in the last few moments of the game and the Cats beat the Cards 74 to 69! Fans parade into the street to celebrate!cats

Everyone chants in unison, “C-A-T-S, cats, cats, cats!”cats


As I decided to bolt before couches get burnt and cars get turned over, I snapped one last photo of Limestone in front of Tin Roof and the sea of UK fans celebrating the win of the year for the Cats.cats2

Off we go to the Elite 8!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

What an amazing Saturday here in Lexington for all the St. Patrick’s Day festivities! We were blessed with a beautiful 60 degree, sunny day for the Shamrock Shuffle, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and an afternoon full of food and festivities. It makes me so happy to see Lexington’s downtown booming!

I’m not a big parade person…if you’ve seen one float you’ve seen them all…but as you know, I love food and I love festivals.

The Cheapside Pavilion was lined with so many delicious treats. I wish I could have tried them all…upon arrival, the husband had par take in some Ellos tacos ¬†and they did not disappoint! (You can visit their brick and mortar around the corner by Broadway and Maxwell.)


Under the pavilion, ¬†vendor’s selling their St. Paddy’s day best. My friend Melissa scored this amazing headband (be jealous!).


Not sure what the lama’s bring to the St. Paddy’s day festivities…but heck, why not stop and say hi! I’m pretty sure this fella was saying “Hey baby!”



Next stop-The Jax for $2.99 green beer and the first patio session of the spring!


Image 5



When the patios are open…we tend to frequent The Jax (which we did), followed by more patio sitting at the Henry Clay Public House, which meant we were walking distance from FUNNEL CAKES!!



Our “go-to” bar this winter has been The Chase Taproom and we decided to end this beautiful night there with more beers, patio sitting, and Goodfella’s Pizza (only the best pizza in Lexington!)

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Chase we go.

Image 3

What happens at The Chase…stays at the Chase (except for dumb “touch your nose” photos like this).

Image 2

Image 4

The funnest part about getting Goodfella’s “to-go”…trying to get the pizza boxes in your tiny sedan!


Hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!