Hunting Eggs

One of the most amazing things about Lexington, and Kentucky in general, is how absolutely beautiful the countryside is. Literally one moment you can be in downtown Lexington or drive 10 minutes in either direction and be in the middle of amazing farmlands, watching horses graze the fields. We are lucky enough to have friends that live out on a “farm,” as we like to call it, (although there are no farm animals or crops to be tended to) and we get so excited when we are invited out for relaxing Sunday afternoons.

This past Sunday we visited “the farm” for a good ol’ fashion early Easter egg hunt…an “adult one” if you will. Treats and alcohol included.



Bunny faces and bunny ears to get us in the hopping mood.



Strawberry jello shots (could be made in small eggs if you have friends who will work for alcohol!)



Here comes Peter Cotton Tail…hopping down the bunny trail.



I had to hang back and grab a photo because watching grown women and men rush out to look for the hidden eggs (complete with prizes) is too good to be missed!



Eggs were hiding in bushes, under rocks, in the chimney.



How amazing are these sequins bunny ears?



Emily don’t be sad…you’ve got one egg at least!



And look at your awesome prize!!!

These prizes were white elephant style…collected from things around the house or attic that you are looking to get rid of! It was absolutely hilarious and so much fun! A few prizes were alcohol related (new, of course…not half used). Those were my favorites (insert big cheesy grin here)!


This Easter Egg Hunt could easily be replicated if everyone brings a gift under $10 and give it to the host. The host can then number the bags to match the eggs.


Everyone gathered around to open their prizes. (Bunny ears, baskets,  bunny masks all found at the dollar store)



“What did you get….let me see, let me see!” (Jesse found the “lucky” egg!)



Inside…a pretty awesome sock change purse…with $25!!




The rest of the afternoon was spent gathered on the porch, in the warm sun, sharing beers, and laughing about all our silly gifts!


When’s the last time you had an Easter Egg Hunt? It’s been years for me!  I highly suggest getting out to a friends farm, your own back yard, or a local park and have some good ol’ fashion Easter egg fun this month!



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