Thursday Night Live

TNL3It’s that time of year again! Finally. The weather is warming up. The trees are beginning to bloom. And the Cheapside Pavilion is packed full of people for Thursday Night Live (TNL).

I’m not sure that it gets much better than this!

TNL5 Are you are regular TNL attendee? Or have you never been and you really want to know what goes on down here?

Let me start by saying, I was shocked at how not packed it was this past Thursday. It was a little windy, but the weather was so refreshing after the bitter, cold, miserable winter we’ve had.

It can get packed down here, and I’m sure it will be slammed in the coming weeks, so I will take a slow TNL night and enjoy being able to get a drink without standing in line for 20+ mins.

TNL6TNL is very kid friendly. The above balloon guy is there every single week and the kids (and adults) love him! Sometimes there are hula-hoopers, with extra hoops for the kids to take them for a test run. I’d recommend coming earlier rather than later if you plan to bring the little ones with strollers. As it gets busier, it’s hard to maneuver strollers and keep up with those little guys/gals.

TNL1My favorite part about TNL…other than seeing my friends and having a “wind down” drink from the stressful week…is all the doggies!!! Seriouslycute pups everywhere! If your dog is friendly and you want to keep up with them, then by-golly bring you furry friend. The more the merrier. If you are a single guy, looking to find that someone special…a cute dog will definitely help you out.



See…this one has three pups at home and still can’t resist a puppy snuggle.

TNL4This little lady is making all kinds of new friends (PS…I love, love, love frenchies…and boxers!)

My next favorite thing about TNL…FOOD!

Come on…you guys know I love to eat and I love to eat with friends. There are only a few places that can accommodate our entire group (usually anywhere from 10-20 of us depending on who comes out). If you don’t want to leave the pavilion there are some food trucks and stands (Goodfella’s pizza, Crank and Boom ice cream, the most amazing Kettle Corn, and more!)

Now, I know you guys think I favorite Village Idiot…and well, maybe I do. I can’t help it, the burger is delicious, husband and I can split it (way cheaper since we eat out so much), and they have the space to accommodate larger groups. So, it is what it is.

Off to Village Idiot we go (hi-ho, hi-ho).


I wonder if Village Idiot will let me have one of these awesome posters for being their biggest fan? I’d score major husband points if I can bringing one of these home!



Speaking of husbands…here we are, food partners in crime. (Thanks to Ian for snatching the camera so we can share our “mean mugging” faces with the world!)


There’s Ian…about to creep all up on that Idiot burger…it’ll never know what hit it! Bam!

TNL10Idiot burgers all around. The entire table ordered Idiot burgers!

Seriously, this is my favorite place to get a burger…a big, juicy, burger…topped with an onion ring that’s stuffed with braised beef (and we added a fried egg…genius…I know).

TNL12And those fries! Oh those fries…those naughty, naughty fries. I’m going to dip you in aioli sauce and devour you…one, by one.

TNL!!What a great way to kick off the weekend. Now, who’s headed off to Keeneland? It should be a beautiful weekend for the races!



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