Color Me Rad

I got a wake up text at 7:45 this AM…really…it’s Saturday…who is texting me at this early hour?

The little sister (real life one, not sorority style one) so kindly suggested that I should come cheer her and her boyfriend on (and snap some photos for her) at Color Mr Rad.

The sun was already shining, I had no commitments until later in the morning, and I was curious what exactly happens at these colorful runs…so I jumped in the shower and headed off to Coldstream Park.

Let me start with…I wore a white dress…yeahI did. It did not even cross my mind that there would be these “color bombs” everywhere.

Oh well…operation locate sister must move forward…in the sea of people wearing white t-shirt and neon glasses.


There they are! In their white shirts and neon glasses.

I made it just in time to see them through the start line. Good luck guys! Go get blasted with color!



Honestly before coming out here, all I knew about Color Me Rad was that people ran and got paint on them. No clue how the paint got there…just knew it did.

I had an “ah-ha” moment when I saw the giant inflatables that mist out bright, colorful paint…kings-island-water-misting-style (you can see the purple one in the distance.) Apparently I have no clue what I am talking about…my sister informed me that inside the inflatables are people throwing matching colored paint/cornflower on you. Oh well…misting paint sounded way cooler.


The runners also got bags of color for dowsing one another…and as I told you earlier, I made the genius decision to wear a white dress (next stop was Keeneland so give me a small break) so I needed a safe place to watch, not near the finish line…aka blast each other with color area .

So I sat here, on the cub and watched the runners as they rounded their last turn and waited for my sister and her boyfriend (he really needs a better name than my sisters boyfriend).


And that’s when I saw these two colorful brides (not really brides). Most original Color Me Rad outfit definitely goes to these ladies. Thank you for doing something other than a tutu!


They give a whole new meaning to “runaway bride.”

And off they go.

Finally…SISTER and sister’s BOYFRIEND! I literally thought I’d missed them. Waiting on 5k runners feels like an eternity!


As they head through the finish line, they get blasted with more color…this time, Ghostbusters-slim-machine-style.

See why white dress girl couldn’t stand here…


How great is this scene of everyone covered in color on the other side of the finish line?


Even the pups are covered in color!



After the run, feel free to blast your running partner with your color bomb!

Man…I wish I had these during husband/wife arguments. Hum...genius new color bomb advertising!



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