Ask anyone in Lexington what the best thing is about spring (and fall) and guarantee they will respond with Keeneland!

I am so spoiled this past weekend. I got to spend two days at Keeneland. There are two ways to visit Keeneland. One involves “tailgating”…which is how I spent my Saturday afternoon, in the beautiful sunshine, people watching, and downing Keeneland Breezes. And the other is to actually go inside the gates, watch the ponies run, lose win money!

Yes, I know…usually you tailgate for football games…and other than getting dressed up…it’s exactly the same. Load you car with chairs, food, and booze and don’t forget to invite your friends!



Shawn’s epic Keeneland Breezes! Yum…Bourbon!


If you were lucky enough to be in our row…you probably saw him trying to give them away. Don’t worry ladies…if you see him passing out free drinks…it’s an honest, not drugged, tasty beverage. Shawn just loves people and making new friends!


Our Keeneland hosts, Shawn and Julie! Thanks for a great Saturday guys. I’ll tailgate with you anyday!


…And that concludes my Saturday Keeneland tailgating.

Onto Sunday.

Sunday’s at Keenelands are my favorites…and I actually go inside, watch the races, and bet because it’s less crowded but yet still full of people. Yes…Saturday, I never left the parking lot, looked at one horse, or made a bet…it’s kinda crazy, I know. Sunday’s are just much, much more enjoyable for me.

Last fall, my mom, sister, and I had a girls Sunday Keeneland outing and it was a blast. We decided it was a must to do again this spring.


After catching some lunch, we made it out just in time for the second race. Mom takes her racing very seriously. She studies each race and fills us in on what our best options are.


While checking out our options for race two…we ran into some good friends! Which you are bound to do out at Keeneland! Another thing that makes Keeneland amazing. Hi Helen!!


I decided my betting strategy was to strictly stick with betting on the grey horse. Every race. No rhyme or reason to this but that I always hear “the grey horse wins”…being consistent has to pay  off…right??



Race 5, my grey horse was not only lucky number 7…but had an awesome name, Fiftyshadeslighter…he’s bound to win!

Oh and I only bet $2….sorry, I’m cheap.KL8

Sister selfie as we patiently wait for the race 5 to start. Mom doesn’t like the camera or selfies and pretty much thinks we are weird.


GUESS WHAT?!?! Fiftyshadeslighter totally came through!  Won myself a whopping $22.20!


Between each race, we head out to the paddock, where mom fills us in on the horses she thinks will win and we get a good look at them…

or get distracted taking selfies

I tried to get mom in this mother/daughter’s selfie…but she was too focused on picking her horse.


The best way to catch her is when she’s not paying attention…which is totally fine with me.


These Sunday’s at Keeneland are my favorite! Making memories is what it’s really all about, right?

We don’t worry about getting too dressed up or wearing ridiculous heels. We roll out after we get our full bellies on brunch/lunch, and we just have fun picking horses with funny names and/or committing to sticking to one silk color or one horse color (grey always wins…or at least I wish it did).

At least one grey horse pulled through for me!


2 thoughts on “Keeneland

  1. What a beautiful weekend for Keeneland, looks like you had a good time. My family is headed there this weekend, can’t wait!

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