Keeneland II

With the amazing weather (minus the snowy week days) we’ve had this April…how can you not spend every weekend at Keeneland soaking in the sunshine with friends?

In Chive fashion….Give me moar!

Saturday I spent my first time every tailgating and watching the races from the Louisville Lot.  Say what?!?! How have I never tailgated over here? If you aren’t going to go into Keeneland (which I actually avoid on Saturdays), then this is the way to watch the races!DSC_0750(photo c/o Ian Crawford)

How great is this spot? Right next to the fence for an up close and personal view of the ponies as they race by.

I think a Keeneland tailgating 101 might be in order.

1. Get there early! I know, the races don’t start to after 1 PM…but you’ll never find a good spot if you don’t get in early.


2. Invite your friends. Have them invite their friends. The more the merrier. They all need to get there early too! PS…parking is $5 and they only take cash. There is a free lot if you enter gate 1 up on the hill.


DSC_0720(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)


DSC_0745 (photo c/o Ian Crawford)

3. Bring chairs. And a change of shoes! Trust me…you’ll be tired of standing for 8 hours in heels Ladies!


4. Bring your cornhole set (remember the last Keeneland post where we discussed it being just like football tailgating…)


Some people get more excited than others for cornhole!

DSC_0755(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)

5. Just add alcohol (and Koozies).


6. Celebrate events. In this case, passing the bar exam! Whoo hoo!!  Somebody get this guy a bourbon.


6. Create memories and capture them with photos. Say cheese!


7. Dress your best. If Chubbie’s are your best…then ROCK the hell out of them!


8. Mimosa’s, Bloody Mary’s and Keeneland Breezes are the drink’s of choice.

And beer…beer is always a choice.

I highly suggest having potluck style food too. You will be in the sun, drinking, and you need substance. Don’t forget to designate someone to bring a folding table!


9. Enjoy the view. Whether inside or out of the walls of Keeneland, the landscape and horses are absolutely stunning.

DSC_0812(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)

10. If you like to bet, then bet! If you have no clue how to bet, then just have fun with it. Blow $2 on the horse with your favorite color, silliest name, or my go-to…bet on the grey horse! You can bet outside the gates on your smart phone! DSC_0784(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)

11. Download the Keeneland app…if you go in, buy a program!

The program is $3 and totally worth it if you do go inside the gates. It’s a great guide to how to learn about racing and hopefully teach you to become a better “bet-er.” Plus they make for fun photos as you hold them open, pretending to know what you are doing…making memories…remember that’s what it’s really about.

DSC_0805(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)

How incredible to be this close to the race!

DSC_0807(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)

13. Take sunscreen! Everyone was majorly sunburned after a day at the races. With weather like this (70+ and breezy) you will be fried like a lobster and not realize it until it’s too late.



14. Just add a bow tie. Guys-if you’ve ever wanted to wear one…this is your opportunity.


15. Clear your calendar for the entire day. If you go to tailgate, you will be there from 10 AM until the last race, after 5 PM. Make a whole day of it and move the party onto a local restaurant downtown after the races end.

You won’t regret staying all day spending quality time with good friends, family, or whoever you brought along with you!

DSC_0815(Photo c/o Ian Crawford)

Here’s hoping the fall is as good to us as the spring has been!



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