No.7 + LeDeauville

Monday night, the Mister and I celebrated seven years of marriage. Wow!  It seems like it was just yesterday that we had our first kiss on the teeter totter in Woodland Park (classy, I know!). Our only stipulation for a celebratory dinner was to eat somewhere we’ve never eaten. For this occassion it was a toss up between Coles and LeDeauville. Both have been on our “eat somewhere a little more fancy” list and we had yet to visit either.

Both restaurants have stellar reviews on yelp (we love yelp!) but LeDeauville has such an amazing atmosphere with the open french doors and side walk patio seating. We practically live on North Limestone (usually at The Jax or Limestone Blue) and figured LaDeauville needed to be knocked off our NoLi list.

Off to LeDeauville we went!

See what I mean about the open doors, patio seating…ahhh I’m in head over heels in love with the vibe here!


Well, hello there handsome!


The mister always starts off his evening with an Old Fashioned…preferably with Woodford.


For me, a good ol’ glass of wine!


To start off dinner, a big ol’ cheesy topped bowl of french onion soup.


PS…Don’t leave your phone or camera unattended around this guy…or you’ll get some surprise photos like this! And then you get to post them for revenge (hehe…evil wife laugh!)


Now…back to food…yum!


For her: The shrimp with a creamy sauce (pasta special)…and it was so delicious!


For Him: Seafood Risotto which he described as “amazing!”




We opted to not have dessert, even though the crepes from the table behind us looked amazing. We did, however sit leisurely on the patio just enjoying one anther’s company…something we don’t get to do often with how busy life can get.


How romantic is LeDeauville after dark? Can we please stay, have more wine, and feed each other dessert?


Instead of doing just that…we headed off down 2nd street to our car. All while talking about how we wished we lived downtown. If we did live downtown, we’d head home and grab out dogs for a late night stroll through the city.

I literally couldn’t have been a more perfect night! Happy anniversary Husband!


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