Rolex, Part II

After having lunch, walking the park, and test driving a Range Rover though an intense obstacle course…we decided we were hungry again.

You can visit a festival and not have a corn dog before leaving (possibly a funnel cake and cotton candy too).


Back to the food trucks we went!


That deep fry smell always pulls you back in.


One happy customer, right here… and look at that mustard artwork. Stunning.


Hand that dog over!


I don’t indulge in deep-fried, hot dogs often…but when I do…Oh yum!

We finished off our corn dog and headed around the lake for a scenic stroll back towards the stables and  Horse Park museum.

With a brief stop to check any and all social media, of course.


On the way, we spotted this adorable nook, hidden away in the trees and in sync we said, “it’s a secret garden!”

..and time for some an impromptu photo session.

Let’s start with the Facebook Profile pic:


The jumping because we are so happy to have found the secret garden pic:

…and finally the “I’m not looking…just catch me in my natural state” pic:


Enough of that nonsense…let’s find some horses!


Come on over here and say “hi” little buddy. Aren’t mini horses the cutest?


We made it back just in time for the Horse Park’s “Horses from Around the World” parade.


After we got to get up-close and personal with this handsome fella.



With our bellies full, our legs tired from walking, and our shoulders a little pink from too much time in the sun. We called it a day and headed home for an afternoon cat nap.


Have you been to the Rolex Three day event? Are you into the events? Or do you prefer to just stroll the vendors and food like us? I hear there’s a whole tailgating thing that goes on as well!



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