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North Lime Night Market



My first trip to the NoLi (North Lime) Night Market was on a cold, dark, chilly night last fall. I literally walked in, bought my “Y’ALL” sweatshirt, got back in the car and bolted.

I was so hopeful that the one this past Friday was going to bring better weather, and while it was not as chilly, Mother Nature did not bless us with a warm summers night. The meh weather left wanting more and now I can’t wait till the next one!


Located at the end of North Limestone, the NoLi CDC blocks off Bryan Avenue to set up a street market complete with local craft beer, food trucks, a live band, a kids area and gives it’s patrons a place to mingle and celebrate the new life of North Limestone. A place that was once lost and has now been found. A place that is home to locals like The Arcadium, Al’s Bar, North Lime Coffee + Donuts, Minton’s at 760, Charmed Life Tattoo and much, much more.

nm2You have heard me speak of the infamous North Lime Coffee and Donuts before. While I’m a good ol’ fashion glazed kind of gal I can not say no to a Mint Julep donut (it is Derby season after all). My husband however, gets weak in the knees for the Maple Bacon.


West Sixth was on-site serving up their famous Amber Ale, IPA and newest addition, Lemon Wheatgrass. I know…you are asking yourself:  “You can drink beer in the streets?? Did we just land in New Orleans?”  One could only wish!



Stacks and stacks of West Sixth…every craft beer lovers dream!

NM6Other vendors, like Lexington Pasta were on-site. Serving up “to-go/cook at home” version of your favorites!

Thai & Mighty set up shop here, dishing up their noodle bowls (coconut noodle bowl is two thumbs up!) and of course their sister company Crank & Boom, scooping up their tasty ice cream.

NM16More vendors lined Bryan Avenue, like the new vintage boutique, FoxHouse Vintage, local jewelry vendors, my favorite, A Cup of Commonwealth…keeping you warm with a hot cup of coffee, a pet treat vendor, a spice vendor…the list goes on, and on!

NM8 Let’s all take a moment and welcome Minton’s new food truck! I am a food truck lover and I am stocked about this addition to our line-up of Lexington food trucks. It’s also pretty interesting to see a Brick & Mortar go food truck, versus the other way around.

MN7The line was wrapped around the building “truck” serving up dishes like:

Brunch on a Bun…aka: BOB (A pretzel bun with smoked sausage, fried egg, cheese and bacon jam)

Little Brother (Smoked sausage, sliced and pan fried, topped with Mac & Cheese and served on a roll)

Chicken Salad (self explanatory)

NM7Our main reason for coming out on this chilly night was to support Minton’s new food truck on it’s opening night. Husband and I were starving. We looked at the line, looked at each other and said “Let’s just go to Minton’s!”

NM10Just a hop, skip and a jump down from Bryan Avenue sits Minton’s Brick & Mortar. A quaint little spot, that was packed full of people. We were lucky enough to score the only open table.

NM11On the chalk board menu you will find their brunch and lunch offerings. Many of the food truck items are from this menu.

NM12Husband and I are fans of sharing dishes. This allows us to try multiple things on the menu. Hopefully you are lucky enough to have a spouse, significant-other or a friend that will split dishes with you so you can try more than one item from all our Lexington favorites!

We started with pork sharable. Cornbread pancakes, piled with pulled pork and topped with slaw.

NM14Moving onto our main dish, the Minton’s Hotbrown. A Kentucky favorite….a slice of bread, loaded up with Ham, Turkey or Chicken…tonight Chicken, then smothered in cheese sauce, then finished off with strips of bacon and a tomato.

Get on in there and indulge in a big spoonful of ooey-gooey cheese. It’s so worth it! (A vegan hotbrown is also offered here.)

NM13Once our bellies were full and our bones chilly, we called it a night and headed out. I am hopeful the next Night Market brings warmer weather and possibly more food trucks!