About Mindy


I’m Mindy, a native of Lexington, a blogger, an event planner, a traveler, a foodie, and a social media junkie. While I’ve had a vision for a blog like this for a while it wasn’t until recently, after reading “Love Letter to Lexington,” by my friend Megan, founder of Cake & Whiskey, that I realized exactly what I wanted the blog to be. A life style blog about Lexington, being a Lexingtonian, and all the things this adorable city has to offer.  A reverse love letter…if you will…a Love Letter from Lexington.

Growing up in Lexington, I have seen Downtown Lexington booming…not so booming…and finally booming again. My husband and I find it extremely important to support local business and the local economy and most of those are located in downtown Lexington (don’t worry…I will try to hit stuff in the suburbs as well…if it’s local). We rarely will visit a chain restaurant (so don’t expect to see a review of Cracker Barrel on here…no offense to CB…I do love some Chicken and Dumplings!) Many Lexington locals have zero clue of all the great events that take place in this city…but do not fear…Love, Lexington is here to fill you in on Lexington’s AWESOMENESS!

As you read Love, Lexington…I encourage you to venture out of your neighborhood… experience new restaurants, new events, and meet new people!

PS…some of my awesome food photos come from my husband, the true “foodie” and person responsible for getting me outside of my own comfort zone to try new things.


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